[2015] 1lynsey: Beauty and the Beast

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[2015] 1lynsey: Beauty and the Beast

Beautyand the Beast

Lynsey Simpson

Setting- establishes the time, place, and mood of the events

Hubris- extreme pride or self confidence

Tone- attitude towards the subject given

Theme- subject of a talk, piece of writing, persons thoughts, or an exhibition

Suspense- feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen

Personification-personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman

Conflict- any struggle between opposing forces

Characterization-process authors use to develop characters for the audience.

foil- Character that serves to highlight 1 or more attributes about another character

Climax- the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex

One climax example is when the last petal of the rose falls and you do not know if the beast is going to live, then he turns into a gorgeous prince.

The beauty and the beat's setting is a cute little village with not many people in it, and a prince who was turned into a beast by a witches curse.

One example of hubris is gaston, he is very conceited and he loves himself the way he should love others, and he thinks he is the best at everything.

A scene with a very dark tone is when Gaston is rallying the village to attack the beast's castle.

the best theme for Beauty and the Beast is what matters is whats on the inside...No matter if you're as pretty as Belle or as ugly as the Beast, what matters is your attitude..

One good example of a scene with suspense is the Beast and Gastons fight on the top balcony of the castle.

One example of personification is when all of the furniture and kitchenware get together and give Belle a nice meal and make her feel welcome in the beast's castle.

Linda Woolverton, the screenplay writer, used characterization to show that Belle was beautiful and kind and loving and the beast was conceited and cokcy and rude, but in the end they both mesh and the beast changes physically and mentally for the better.

One person who shows foil is the beast to Belle. One beast attribute that highlighted Belle was his angry spirit at the beginning, which brought out Belle's true kindness towards everyone.

One example of conflict is the rose in the beast's castle. It shows the beast's vulnerability towards enemies and becomes the major conflict in the end as the beast changes to a prince.


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