Beautiful Darkness

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Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkenss

Ethan Lawson Wate is a sixteen old boy who is a junior that lives in a small town called Gatlin. He has brown hair and is a great basketball player. He desires to learn more about his town's history and more about the caters secret world. Another character is Lena Duchannes who moves to Gatlin and becomes the weird new girl nobody likes. she has a secret supernatural power that is called a caster and her family is cursed by a dark spell that turns them either dark or light on their sixteenth birthday.

Summer Dagenhart Pd 712-8-15

★★★★I really liked this book a lot because the way the author describe all the details make the book come to life.The atmosphere of the book was incredible because i felt like i was in the book with the characters and i could picture everything the authors described in my head.The whole story was fascinating, but i had to reread some sentences because of the way they wrote the southern accents and the history of the town can be confusing sometimes but it all makes sense in the end and complements the story very well.I can not wait to read more, i'm definitely going to read the third book in the series and i would gladly recommend this book to anyone.

This book takes place in a small town called Gatlin located in North Carolina. It is in present time but switches to the past often to relate to his ancestors secret life during his flashback. Some important locations are the town's Library, RavenWood Manor,and the secret hidden underground passageways

Ethan Wate a small town boy who lives in Gatlin, a place that never changed. Until he met the beautiful Lena Duchannes. She introduced him to a secret world with ancient secrets hidden beneath the cracked sidewalks. She shows him her secret magical and dangerous life as a caster. Lena suffered a tragic loss and starts to drift away from Ethan, causing her to keep secrets and get into more trouble. Ethan gets himself tangled into his town's history and a dangerous underground passageway. He starts getting deeper and gets haunted by visions only he can see. Lena gets dragged into a dark supernatural world that seems to never end.

Authors Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl


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