Beatrix Potter

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Beatrix Potter

Her most famous story!

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Beatrix Potter was born in 1866. She was a writer, artist, and scientist.. She is most famous for her story about Peter Rabbit. Her family was wealthy, but she wasn't allowed to play with other children very often, and a governess taught her at home. She had many pets, and loved the outdoors. She was very good at drawing and painting.. She noticed many details about plants and animals, .When she grew up, she made lots of drawings and paintings that helped scientists learn about plants. She also wrote a story in a letter to a little boy, the son of a friend of hers. The story was later turned into a book,The Tale of Peter Rabbit,. Beatrix wrote more than 20 children's books. When she had earned enough money, she began to buy farms and look after them. She married a man named William Heelis. She died in 1943.Her books are still famous, and are read by kids all around the world. The stories have been made into movies, toys, games, and even a ballet!

Beatrix grown up

When she was little

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Beatrix Potter


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