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Beat The Odd's Program

Eastablished in October of 2012, The "Beat The Odd's" Program is a nonprofit organization developed to help inner city, low income and first generation students gain access to the resources they need toget in to college, stay in college, and graduate from college.

Beat the Odd's Program

3. Push ALL Obstacles Out of The Way - The name of the program is not just because it sounds goood. FIGHT to punch all obstacles out of the way, all preconceived notions out of your future.

Emerging Through School Districts in 2012

Implications For Education

2. Believe in Yourself - Remember that you are capable of anything that you put your mind to and no one can tell you otherwise.

1. Stay On Task - Look at the future ahead of you, do not get distracted by the past behind you. Remember where you once were while focusing on where you are headed.

Student Fundementals

Drop Out Rates: 10.6% of Black & Hispanic students dropped out of HS compared to 2.4% White Students in 2009.

53% of Hispanic girls get pregnant atleast once before the age of 20. 51% of Black girls...19% of White girls.

78% of 840,500 US Gang Members are minorities.

These Odds.

The BOP has a positive implication for education because it will continue to make more opportunities for students whoare not initially provided with the right resources. As education is the core of our nation, it is important that weopen windows for students to gain access to success in the classrooms.Without programs like The BOP, students will be left in the cold, striving to makeends meet on thier own, allowing the odds to beat them.

An Intervieww/ Rose D.- BOP Student

The 5 Principle's of The BOPPRESS PLAY!

The BOP Resources

1. Help Students prepare for SAT's2. Provide Students with possible Higher Eduction Institutions3. Teach students about Financial AID& assist in filling out FAFSA4. Stay with student throughout 4 yearsof college by making on campus visits, check in's, and sending care packages5. Connect students with faculty and staff from different partnerships as resources.6. Provide student with a huge confidence boost


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