Beach w/ the family

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Beach w/ the family

Getting up when the sun does, going out to eat a nice breakfast with my family, reading on the beach, and cooling off in the cool water. The sun on my face warms me as the smooth breeze off the ocean cools me. As I read an intriguing novel, I listen to the children playing in the damp sand that leads into the appealing blue ocean. When twelve o'clock comes around I know it's time to reapply the protecting liquid that shileds my skin from the sun's hurtful rays.I finally get too hot to concentrate on the book I've been dieing to finish, and i give into the urge of losing myself in the calming rhythm of the waves as they splash against my body.

I think this would be a good memory for someone because when you go to the beach you experience many different emotional and physical feelings. You can experience most of these things at other places, such as sand ain a desert, sunshine and warmth during the summer, and water in a pool or lake, but all of these things combined is such a unique experience that one can only find at the beach.


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