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Be calm

Eustress is the good feeling of stress that drives you to be and do your best. It is beneficial for the person to get things done if they are so worried that it makes them perform at their highest potential. On the other hand there is distress which is the exact opposite. This type of stress prohibits people from performing the best that they can. It provides them a lot of emotional pain which can then lead to them causing themselves physical pain. Overall, eustress is better to have then distress.

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."-Hans Selye

BE CALMAlexa Penwell

The "Fight or Flight" reaction occurs when your body is making the physical changes that it needs to prepare your body to respond quickly to a stressor. This reaction can cause your body to do many things such as speed up your breathing and heart rate, dilate your pupils, and increase your sweating.

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Who said it?

In this scene Michael, Leanne, and SJ are all under a lot of stress. Michael is under a lot of stress because he just got his car and the first time he drove it, he wasn't paying attention and hit a truck. He is also stressing because he doesn't know what Leanne is going to say when she finds out he got her son in a car accident. SJ is stressing because he saw the truck coming and watched it run into them. He also doesn't know if he's injuries are that bad. Finally, Leanne is stressing over the wreck because both of her sons were in it and she doesn't know if either of them are seriously hurt.

Blind Side Movie Scene

This quote tells you that whatever life throws at you, you just have to make the best of it. Even if it throws at you this life changing event, it's your decision how you deal with it. Nobody else can affect how you act towards a situation, only you can. You can either choose to let life knock you down and you just stay there, or you can choose to get back up and hit them harder. You can deal with the stress in a positive or negative way; you can use it to hold you back, or you can use it to propel you forward. You can either stay with the sour lemons, or you can make awesome tasting lemonade.


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