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chapter 1:ODYSSEUS LANDS IN PHAEACIA "for ten years the trojans fought bravely to save their city""calypso had no choice but to set him free

chapter 2:ODYSSEUS AND THE CYCLOPS"My men urged me to leave this giants den, but i was curious to meet him""With one hard push, we drove the burning point into the cyclop's single eye and twisted it deep"

chapter 3:ODYSSEUS AND CIRCE"they not only looked like pigs with snouts and bristles, they also grunted like pigs""quikly i drew my sword and turned on her, but she slipped under my blade and threw herself at my feet"

chapter 4:THE FOLLY OF ODYSSEUS'S MEN"Odysseus! they cried , and my name was the last word they spoke""my men were thrown into the sea, they sruggled helplessly in the churning water and were finally drowned"

chapter 5:ODYSSEUS RETURNS TO ITHACA"After many days at sea, the phaeacians landed him at last on his beloved Ithica""Oh, how they wept with happiness when he once more held her in his arms"




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