Bay of Pigs Invasion

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Bay of Pigs Invasion

Bay of Pigs Invasion

By Alex R. and CJ D.

The U.S. invaded Cuba to seek out Fidel Castro.

The Bay of Pigs invasion took place during 1961, from April 14th to April 16th.

When did the Bay of Pigs invasion take place?

The U.S. felt they needed to invade because Castro led a popular revolt. They also wanted to overthrow Castro for communism.

The invasion was a failed attempt at capturing Castro. Cuba stayed a communist country.

What country did the U.S. invade?


What other countries were involved?

What was the outcome of the invasion?

Who were the historical people involved and what were their roles?

Castro was ahead of Cuba and JFK planned the invasion, Eisenhower was eager to take action.

Why did the US feel they needed to invade?

They wanted to free the Cubans from their communist leader by overthrowing Castro.


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