Battles of WW1

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World War I

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Battles of WW1

1st Battle of the MarneMarks the beginning of trench warfare. It occured on September 5-12, 1914. The German army advanced through France, pushing the allies back to River Marne and Germans towards Paris. Both sides dug trenches to mark territory, and a 3 year stalemate began on the Western Front. The Allies suffered a combined 263,000 casualties, while the Germans totaled about 250,000 alone.

Battle of LiegeFirst land battle of the war. It ran from August 5-16, 1914. The German invasion occured in neutral Belgium, which led Britain in the war.

Battle of VerdunLongest battle of WW1. Lasted from February 21st to December 16th, 1916. Germans launched an attack on a narrow stretch of land of Verdun, hoping that the forts in Verdun held historic sentiment to France. France and Germany lost 340,000-360,000 soldiers each. This battle caused the British to launch the Battle of the Somme to alleviate the pressure France felt after this battle.

WW1 Battles

August 1914

February 1916



September 1914

Battles of YpresSeries of expensive battles in Western Flanders. The battles took place in 1914, 1915, and 1917. 1st occasion of Gas Warfare used by the Germans in 1914. Combined casualties:850,000

Battle of the Somme58,000 British soldiers were killed on the first day. The tank made its debut on the battlefield and broke the system of trench warfare. After fighting from July to November 1916, the Germans lost 624,000 troops and the British lost 435,000 troops. A very large amount considering the battle was supposed to be a brief attempt to draw away German forces from France.

Battle of AmiensFinal battle of WW1. The U.S. had joined the allies at this point. The allies had penetrated German lines on August 8. It was on that day that Kaiser Wilhelm II said that the war must be ended.

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