Battles of the Civil War

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Battles of the Civil War




Pictured below is the Battle of Antitam, this was the bloodiest day of the Civil war.To the right, is a picture of the Battle of Shiloh, this battle brought about the idea of "total warfare" into the Civil War, with all resources going to the war effort.

General Sherman(Below) led his troops to the Port of Savannah, Georgia after capturing Atlanta. On their march they destroyed many military targets, this coined the name Sherman's March to the Sea.

Civil War Battles



In 1861, Fort Sumter was attacked, marking the first action between the United States and Confederates

To the right, is the tombstones from the fallen soldiers from the Battle of Gettysburg, this was the largest battle furing the Civil war.Below, is the Battle of Cattanooga, this was anotehr win for the Union, pushing the Confederates back into Georgia, making it easier to control the Mississippi River.

In April of 1865, General Lee surrenders(Below) the Confederacy to General Grant of the Union, marking the end to a bloody period time in American History, one no one will ever forget.


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