[2015] Cole Shegan-Siniawski: Battles of the Civil War

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[2015] Cole Shegan-Siniawski: Battles of the Civil War

Battles of the Civil WarBy: Cole Shegan-Siniawski

GettysburgThe Confederates were trying to locate where the Union Army is, and they did. Both sides were getting prepared for a battle. The Union Army moved to a hill to get higher ground at night and fired down bullets at the Confederates in the morning. For the first 2 days, the Union Army failed, but then on the third day they evened it out and won the last day of battle at Gettysburg.

AntietamOn September 17, the Union and Confederates clasherd. The Confederate Army hid in the cornfieldto suprise the Union. Near Dunker Church, bullets fired left and right. In 20 minutes, about 2,500 men lay dead or wounded. The Union tried to cut off the Confederates retreat, but more Confederates came and stopped the Union from coming any closer.The Union considered it a victory, but it was a draw.

PetersburgGrant had a plan to take over petersburg so he could cut off the supplies for Lee's Army. Grant's Army pushed back Lee's army so they can take control over petersburg. Genral William Smith of the Union Army led about 16,000 troops. He defeated General Pierre G. T. Beauregard's Confederate Army of about 2,500 troops. Smith joined back with Grant's army and tried to push back Lee's army, but Lee ordered to attack the Union Army. Once the Mayor of Petersburg surrendered his city, Lee surrendered to the Union Army. Within 2 months, the rest of the Confederate Army surrendered.

ViksburgGrant had something he wanted to do called "a series of experiments."His first two attempts failed.And his third and fourth also failed. Then Grant just decided to attack from the west of the Mississippi. Grant was worried that a Confederate Army was assembling at Jackson, Mississippi. Grant attcked and found out that an Army was assembling at Jackson, Mississippi. The Union Army had a successful victory at Jackson. Then Grant headed toward Viksburg. Grant defeated Pemberton's Army at Champion Hill, Mississippi. Grant then defeated him again. Then they were at Viksburg. Grant then attacked Viksburg twice but failed both times. Grant then surrounded Viksburg and captured it that day. Soon Lincoln would promote Grant to the command of all Union Armies.


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