[2015] Colton Shiry: Battles of civil war

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[2015] Colton Shiry: Battles of civil war

Battles of the Civil War

The Battle of GettysburgThe Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1st, 1863. The Confederates had more troops than the Union Army. During the war, 23,000 Union Soliders died, and 28,000 soliders on the Confederates side died. The Union army claimed victory on the day the battle ended, July 3rd, 1863.

The Battle of Bull RunThere were 2 battles of Bull Run. The first battle the Confederates won. The generals for the first battle were General G.T. Beauregard and General Joseph E. Johnston. The Union had 35,000 troops for the first battle. The Confederates had only 20,000 troops. The battles both took place in the 1860's. 1861 & 1862. The General for the second battle for the Union Army was General John Pope.

The Battle of PetersburgThe Battle of Petersburgbegan in June, 1864. The generals for the war were Ulysses S. Grant for the Union. Grant planned to attack the Weldon & Petersburg and the Southside railroads. The general for the Confederates was Robert E. Lee. The battle ended in March, 1865.

The Battle of FredricksburgThe Battle of Fredrickburg took place in Virginia. The Union Army had more troops. The Union attacked the Confeerates on Marye's Heights. Abraham Licoln replaced George B. McClellan with Burnside during the war. The Union Army clobbered Fredricksburg with 150 cannons.


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