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Battle timeline

Union suffers yet another defeat to a well entrenched rebel army. At this point both sides are realizing the horrors of war.

General Johnston of the Confederate army surprises George McClellan's troops. The union suffers a loss but Johnston is badly wounded in battle.

It is in this moment that Lincoln changes the war. All slaves are now considered free to the union and are encouraged to fight against the South

Battle Timeline

April 6th 1862Shiloh13,000 Union10,000 Conf.

May 31, 1862Battle of Seven Pines

August 29th, 18622nd Battle of Bull RunUnion loses again

AntietamSeptember 17th, 1862Bloodiest day in American HistoryBy Nightfall 26,000 dead

January 1st, 1863Emancipation Proclamation

December 13th, 1862Fredericksburg

July 1-3, 1863Gettysburg

May 1-4, 1863ChancellorsvilleUnion Defeat


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