Battle of Yorktown

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Battle of Yorktown

Battle of Yorktownby John Choe

Date:September 28th to October 19th 1781

Battle of Yorktown is the important battle which ended the war because after British surrendered, they thought they might lose the war and that the cost of war was not worth keeping the colonies.


Battle Armies:17,000 French and Continental troops fought with 9,000 British

Routes of British troops and French'American troops and where the battle occured

Cornwallis surrendering to George Washington by John Trumbull

Battle of Yorktown GeneralsLeft: RochambeauMiddle: CornwallisRight: George Washington

Soldiers UniformsBritish: They wore red coats and bearskin, leather skin and tricorne hats. Germans wore blue coats.Americans: They wore blue uniforms, but the militia continued in rough clothing.French: They wore white coats.

Battle of YorktownBy August of 1781, George Washington knew that British commander Lord Cornwallis had moved his 9,000 soldiers to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Yorktown, Virginia. After discussing this with French allies, Washington realized it was the time to act. George Washington and his 17,000 French and Continental troops quietly moved to Yorktown and began leading the Battle of Yorktown against Cornwallis. The Americans and French attacked the British, and the British defended their attack.Washington ordered Marquis de Lafayette to surround the British with 5,000 troops, and he also ordered the French navy to block Cornwallis from escaping by sea. The strategy was called the Siege Strategy. By September 28, Cornwallis was totally surrounded by the Americans and French. After about three weeks of continuous attack, Cornwallis finally surrendered in the battlefield of Yorktown on October 19, 1781. On the American and French side, 88 soldiers were killed and 301 were wounded. On the British side, about 200 troops were killed, about 450 became wounded prisoners, and about 7,000 were captured.The Battle of Yorktown was important in history because this battle ended the Revolutionary War. The British started thinking that if they kept on fighting, they might lose the war. And they also thought that the cost of war was not worth keeping the colonies. After the Battle of Yorktown, Britain finally began to talk about peace with the colonies. Early in 1783, the United States and Britain signed the Treaty of Paris. In the Treaty of Paris, Britain finally recognized the United States as an independent country after eight years of war.

Map of Battle of Yorktownby John Choe

Song: The World Turned Upside Down



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