Battle of Yorktown

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Battle of Yorktown

Battleof Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown started on September 28, 1781.It lasted for three weeks.

Battle of Yorktown LeadersThe leader of the British army was Charles Cornwallis.He also served in the French and Indian war.One leader of the American and Frenchs troops ,was General George Washington.He was the leader of the Continental army.Another leader of the American and French troops ,was Comtede Rochambeau. He was in control of the French troops.One more leader that helped General Washington was Marquisde Lafayette.

Battle FortifacationsThe battle fortifacations were mostly British.Sense they were holding Yorktown they built ten Redoubts and batterie links.There was also many trenches surronding Yorktown.The American and French army didn't have very good defenses until the they tookthe Britishe's outer defenses. They made the trenches deeper and added more cannons.

Picture of Redoubt

CasualtiesThe British suffered many more casualties than the American and French army.309 British soilders were killed.326 were wounded, and 8,007 were captured. 72 American and French troops were killed.180 wounded. Zero captured.

DescribtionAfter getting beaten in a battle General Cornwallis made Yorktown his basecamp.General George Washington saw this as an opportuntity



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