Battle of Trenton

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Battle of Trenton

Battle of Trenton

December 26, 1776

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General Washington and the continental army were pursued into NJ during the nipping cold of late fall of 1776 by the British army. The British commander General Cornwallis thought it would be better to stop the cat and mouse game for just a few weeks until his army got the energy they desperately needed for battle. The continental army began taking advantage of this opportunity by supporting Washington, their best hope to winning, with more troops led by General John Sullivan, and General Horatio Gates. Camped near the Continental army were the Hessians, a German army hired by the British for battle. With this advantage of increased morale and troops Washington devised a plan to get the public’s confidence up; the troops would plan a sneak attack on the Hessians whose pride and ego would be the death of them. General James Ewing’s troops were to block off the paths and seize the Assunpink bridge, while Brigadier General John Cadwalader and his troops would attack at Bordentown, it was a brilliant plan on Washington’s part. The Colonel of the Hessians Johann Rall seemed to help this plan by ignoring orders to put up fortifications and preparing his troops for battle, instead he believed his 3 regiments would be able to defeat all who imposed attacks on the group. December 26, 1776 a brutally cold night Washington’s troops were ferried across the Delaware by Colonel John Glover’s men using small dinghies for the troops and large barges for horses; the plan was in action. Traveling these chilling waters Washington did not know that Ewing and Cadwalder were unable to complete their jobs due to thick ice and heavy snow. Even without these two men Washington’s plan was working, Major Nathanael Greene attacked from the North, while Sullivan and his troops blocked the West and South; together they were human roadblocks. On King and Queen street Colonel Henry Knox attacked and defeated the first Hessian regiment with a swift victory, with this victory the Hessian commander had been wounded badly damaging the groups previous pride. The second regiment of Hessians was cornered in an orchard by none other than Washington himself, the second regiment was forced to surrender. The final regiment tried to flee over the Assunpink bridge once they found of their fallen comrades, only to find it blocked by Americans lead by Henry Knox.

People InvolvedColonel Johann Rall General George Washington General John Sullivan, General Horatio Gates, General James Ewing, Colonel John Glover, Major Nathanael Greene, and Colonel Henry Knox

Landforms that Affected the battle The infamous Delaware river iced over by the cold December weather.

Strategies Surround the three regiments of Hessians on all sides and close them off with a surprise attack.

Results - This battle severely increased the pride and determination of the Americans by proving they could win against a powerful army. It was also one of the factors that conviced the French to become an ally of the colonists. In total the Colonists only lost 4 men while the Hessians lost 22 men and 918 men were captured.

Capture the FlagThe purple team has won the last game of capture the flag and are celebrating with an ice cream party on the field. The blue team is soon supported by the green and turquoise team (these teams form a giant team). The teacher tells the purple team that they can continue eating ice cream and celebrating but they must split into 3 different groups. The leader of the blue team sees this and begins to plan a sneak attack against the purple team. One of the purple team members sees this happening and tells his leader, but the leader refuses to prepare and continues eating ice cream. A few minutes later a blue co-captain and his group attack one group of purple members, the blue team captain attacks the second group, and two other co-captains corner the last group. The entire purple team is captured.

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