battle of thermopylae g l g

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battle of thermopylae g l g

It's Time For The Ninth Glog Of The Geography l Glogger.Sorry For Being So Inactive With My Glogs, But I've Been Busy With School And Co. But Regardless, Here Is The New Glog, Taking A Turn Back To The H.S.I.E Subject, Except This Time Of The Historical Category, A Glog On The Battle Of Thermopylae, Such An Important Battle Of The Historical World And Existence.By: The Geography l Glogger Trade Mark: G l GAll Rights, As Stated, Belong To The Geography l Glogger

Outline of the Battle of Thermopylae -The two sides of the battle were -The Greek EmpireThe Persian EmpireThe two leaders were -Leonidas of SpartaKing Xerxes(Scroll down for more information)Amount of warriors on each side -Greek Empire (around 7, 000 men)Persian Empire (around 1, 000, 000 men)Recorders of war event -HerodotusDiodorus SilicusMain battlefield -The Artemesium area near the path of Thermopylae.

Strategy and tactical considerations of the forces -The Greek forces had not wanted to allow the Persian army to advance anymore into their terrirory, so they had to think tactically, avoiding all decisive battles possible, attempting all the time to blindside the Persian forces whenever chances aesthetically seemed to appear, whilst the Persian army was very cocky and un-tactical due to the out-numbering of the Greek forces, not at all paying attention to the moves that the (Scroll down for more information)Greek forces had made, thus weakening the Persian Army. The Greek forces were born for battle, being obviliously more intellegent and upping the chances of victory for themselves. Greek forces were clearly the more tactical force within the battle.

The outcome of the Thermopylae Battle -The Greeks had fought hard and had taken out MANY, MANY men of the Persian army, but it was not enough, as Xerxes had ordered all the near million men to attack the 7, 000 men that Greece had to fight with, so many had fled to safety (Scroll down for more information) due to the fact that no chance of victory was possible. An ambush and an annihilation is not defeat.


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