Battle of the Plains of Abraham

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Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Battle Of The Plains Of AbrahamBy:Matteo Onorati

Major general of the BritishJames Wolfe

The French commanderMarquis De Montcalm

British navy attacked and captured two french ships the french wanted them returned but the British refused and war was declared

Capturing LouisbourgA fleet of 160 british war ships appeared of the cost of Cape Breton the British ships cut off all french lines of reinforcements no food, soldiers or supplies could not get to they defenders after 7 weeks the french gave up people were starving, the walls were crumbling surrender was the only choice

Groups involved in the battle

BritinFrenchFirst nationsAcadians

Events that lead up to the battle

Events that lead up to the battle

The outcome of the battle

As weeks ticked by, Wolfe became desperate. He decided to make one last temp to capture Quebec. On the High cliftop behind the fortress was a farmers field known as the plains of Abraham. The French believed no army could ever sacle the cliffs, but Wolfe was deternined to find a way up. Only 30 French sentries were guarding the heights at the top of the cliffs. A sentry called out " Who goes there" A french solider replied " provisions from Montreal" with quick blowes to the head and muffled cries, the attack begain. general montcalm was taken by suprise. Montcalm decided to march his troops out. For a moment the French outnumberd the British. At teen o'clock the French army advanced , along with the Odawa allies. When the British saw the French in musket range British fired. After the smoke cleared the british reloaded and fired again. French fell in large numbers. Wolfe ordered to charge the French retreated into town. The battle was over, in all, 1300 soldiers died including James Wolfe amd Marquis De Montcalm. A few days later, Quebec was handed over to Britain.

Britain Won the battle

French lost the battle

Consequences for the Future

Consequences for the Future

First Nations

First Nations people eventually made peace with the British. But they feared that land-hungry newcomers would flood into thier territories

Acadians were allowed to return to Nova Scotia, but they worried for thier language and religion as a flood of English-speaking settlers arrived from the Thirteen Colonies to the south



The Canadiens in Quebec knew that things would be different under British rule. They worried that the British might expel them, as they had the Acadians earlier. If they were allowed to stay, would they be allowed to speak french and keep thier catholic religon

Britain was also worried, British officials now governed a colony of 70000 Canadiens, who spoke a different language and were used to a different form of government an laws. How easy would it be to keep them as loyal subjects? How could they befriend those First Nations who had been allies of the french during the war.



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