battle of the plains of abraham

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battle of the plains of abraham

Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham

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3. what was the outcome of the battle?

4. what were the consequences of the Battle of the Plians of Abraham and how did it effect various groups.

1. Explain the events leading up to The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

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After the Battle of the Plains of Abraham Quebec was given to the British. Many consequences followed the Battle. By the end more that 1300 soldiers had died and both Wolfe and Montcalm died. Not many Canadiens were left in the now colony. The British started to make changes to the colony and the colony became different. By the end of the battle Quebec was ruined. Many soldiers started dieing. Food was becoming hard to gather and winter was approaching. The British may have won control over the colony but their fight to re build the colony was just beginning.

By dawn there was more than 4400 British troops on the tops of the Cliffs. When Montcalm marched his troops out he was taken by surprise at the amount of British troops. At 10 o'clock that morning the French troops advanced, along with First Nations allies. The British started to launch canon fire, and before the smoke could clear, they would launch another canon. By the end of the battle of the Plains of Abraham, 1300 soldiers had died. Both Montcalm and Wolfe had died, both from sever wounds. Quebec was the handed over to the British.

Before the battle of the Plains of Abraham commenced, two main events took place. The first one being British ships carrying navy captured a French ship carrying troops. When the British refused to return the ships, a war was declared. This war would last seven years. The second event was the British capturing Louisbourg. In 1758 the British blocked off the St. Lawrence, which lead to the French colony, and began to bombard the French fortress. With out and support of help the French gave in after seven days. The British them moved on to Quebec and started to burn down villages, leading to The Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

In The Battle of the Plains of Abraham three groups were involved. The British who were led by General Wolfe were trying to take control over New France. The French who were led by General Montcalm, along with their First Nations allies were trying to defend the colony and the villagers within it.

2. what groups were involved in the battle?

montclamleader of the french army

wolfeleader of britains army

british troops scaling the Plains of Abraham

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by the end of the war the British had won control over the new colony.


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