Battle of the plains of Abraham

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Battle of the plains of Abraham

Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham

Capturing louisbourgFirst british attacked Louisbourg. They want for it first because it was guarding the entrance to Quebec’s colony. The british ships blocked off all the reinforcements from coming they landed on shore and blocked all help from the colony . The british reinforcements could not get thought there was only surrender as a option.

First Nations and the WarFirst nations fought to make their own territory secure. most First nations took french side because they had a history of trade. Only the haudenosaunee tribe supported the british for the same reason. When french and british signed a peace treaty it gave most of north america to british first nations where disappointed. including the H tribe because they were worried about the arrival of outsiders in their territories. The future of their land was in stake yet no one asked the first nations peoples to take part in the peace. British but traders began to take over the fur trade but they did not follow the same trading priceable’s as the french. For instance they where not as generous in giving presents of tobacco and ammunition to First Nations peoples who brought them furs. The British did not understand that exchange of gifts was how First Nations Built trust

The End of French RuleAfter the fall of Quebec the french tried to hold on for a year at Montreal. Quebec was in ruins the colonists scrambled looking for food during the winter. More soldiers died from disease then from the battle. The british fleet controlled the Atlantic which meant that any help from France was almost impossible. The next spring 18000 British troops closed in on Montreal. They burned the farms along the river as they advanced. The french prepared for a last stand. But governor Vaudreuil recognized that they could not win. On September 8 1760 at Montreal french surrendered New France to the British. The war was over. The french flag which and flown over New France since the days of cartier and Champlain came down. The French rule in North America had ended.

The Legacy of New FranceFrench and first nations accomplished a great deal during the 150 years that they controlled the st Lawrence river valley. they where the first newcomers in what will be called Canada. French traders pioneered the fur trade traveling all the war to the western plains. despite the harsh climate,the habitants created successful farms. French merchants opened shops and ran businesses. Through the Catholic church the Canadiens started schools, hospitals, and charities in thous in need. The canadiens proved that a colony could survive in difficult land. They created institutions that are now central to Canadiens society. By time the time the English Arrived along the st Lawrence the French colonists had already laid the foundations of a new country.

Worries for the FutureIn the aftermath of the war all residents of Canada where concord as they looked in the future:>First Nations peoples eventually made peace with the british but they feared the land hungry newcomers would flood into their territories.>Acadians were allowed to return to nova Scotia but they worried for their language and religion as a flood of english speaking settlers arrived from the 13 colonies to the south.>The Canadians in Quebec knew that things would be different under british rule. They worried that the british might expel them as they had the Acadians earlier.>Britain was also worried. British officials now governed a colony of 70000 Canadiens who spoke different language and were used to a different form of government and different lawn.

Onward to QuebecAfter the british captured louisburg they went to capture quebec. major general James Wolfe led a fleet up the st Lawrence. He had 200 ships caring 9000 soldiers and 18000 sailors. the battle was 3 months. The french commander was the marquis de montclam. french had 16 000 troops several hundred odawa allies and a stone fortress that could not be captured easily. If the french could hold the fort until winter the British would retreat because there ships would get trapped in ice. For both commanders clock was ticking. Wolfe chose to bombard the fortress with canon fire. At the same time he unleashed an attack on the countryside destroying villages and burning farms and houses. He was drawing the french into the open. One french officer said of the british "we do not doubt that you will destroy the town but we are determined that you shall never set foot within its walls." Montclam decided to wait he did not release his army to fight.

The Plains Of Abrahamwolfe had one last attempt to capture Quebec. On the hight cliff top behind the fortress was a farmers field known as the Plains of Abraham. The French believed no army could ever scale the cliffs but wolfe was going to find a way up. The attack depended on darkness, silence, and complete surprise. they arrived in the middle of the night and started to scale the cliffs. There where only 30 french sentries guarding the cliff. A sentry called out "who goes there" A british soldier replied in perfect french "provisions from Montreal" with quick blows to the head and muffed cries the attack began,No shots had been fired. by dawn more then 4400 british troops where on the heights behind Quebec. montcalm was taken by surprise. montcalm marched his troops out. he saw that the british were moving cannon and more soldiers up the cliffs. For the moment the french outnumbered the British. The longer they waited the stronger they would get. this was a fateful decision. At ten o'clock that morning the french army advanced along with the Odawa allies who fought beside them. British held there fire until musket range then they fired. Before the smoke had cleared british reloaded and fired again. French soldiers fell in large numbers. When Wolfe orderd the british to charge french retreated back to the town. The battle was over in all 1300 soldiers died on the plains of Abraham including General Wolfe. General montcalm also died from wounds he received. As he layd dying he said "I am glad i shall not live to see the surrender of Quebec" a few days later Quebec was handed over to the british.


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