Battle of the Plains of Abraham

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Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham

Groups involved In the battle

Capturing of Louisbourg

The Leaders

Famous painting of General James Wolfe dying

Events leading up to the battle of plains of abrahamThe Bristish attacked first by capturing louisbourg, and bombarding it for two months until governer Augustin de Drucour surrendered. 31 year old British General James Wolfe led the landing of British troops at Port Royal. French leader Marquis de Montcalm managed to oust a British regiment that outnumbered his forces 3 to 1.

The outcome of the BattleWhen the battle was over, in all 1300 soldiers died on the Plains of Abraham. Including British leader James Wolfe. French leader Marquis de Montcalm. Also died from wounds he recieved. As he laid dying Montcalm said ''I am glad I shall not live to see the surrender of Quebec.'' A few days later, Quebec was handed over to the British.

The consequences of the battle- First nations peoples eventually made peace with the British, but they feared that newcomers would would flood into their territories.-Acadians were allowed to return to Nova Scotia, but they worried for their language and religion because many English-speaking settlers arrived from the 13 colonies.-Canadiens in Quebec worried that the British might expel them as the Acadians were already there.-Britain was also worried because British officials now governed a colony of 70,000 Canadiens, who spoke a different language and were used to a diferent form of government and different laws. The British were worried because it was hard to know if they were loyal subjects.


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