[2015] Q Ball: Battle of the Little Bighorn

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[2015] Q Ball: Battle of the Little Bighorn

Battle of Little Bighorn

The battle of Little Bighorn started in cause of General Custer trying to push the indians back to there reservations. General Custer did not stay on the land he was supposed to for gold, and the indians did not take kindly to this and ended up in a battle that lasted only one hour because of its brutality. In the end, General Custer and his men lost the battle as the Native Americans kept high.

A massacre is a mass killing of defenceless unarmed masses that do not stand a chance in battle, wether or not it was a supprise attack.

This battle had taken place back in Montana, 1876.

The indians were trying to keep the U.S. cavalry back in the land they agreed on.

Some of the prominent leaders of the Lakota were Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.

The groups that were fighting in this war were the Lakota, Cheyenne and General Custer and his men.



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General CusterGeneral Cusster was a shifty fella in ways of theft and non-care of his men. It was suspected that General Custer was stealing gold from his own soldiers tents, and didn't care for there well being.


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