Battle of the American Civil War

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Battle of the American Civil War

US History Heroes Project





What is a hero? A hero to me is an individual who has a goal and not only do they strive for this goal everyday but they accomplish it. This goal they are trying to accomplish makes a huge impact on not only themselves but a mass number of people around them. It leaves a lasting impression and is remembered in history forever

Becoming a Soldier- In 1824, Jefferson graduated from West Point Military Academy and served in the army until 1835. This was when he met the love of his life, Sarah Knox Taylor. Her dad was the Commanding Officer of the army and he did not approve of her and Jefferson being together therefore Davis resigned from the army and moved him and his wife, Sarah to Mississippi. A few months later, she died from Malaria.Political Career- Davis then started his political career. In 1845 he was elected to the US House of Representatives but when the Mexican-American War broke out, he resigned his seat from Congress. In 1847, he was oppointed to fill an open Senate seat by the Govenor of Mississippi. He served until 1851 when he then became Secreatory of War under President Franklin Pierce. The next year, Pierce and Davis ran and Davis was re-elected Senator in 1857. On January9,1861, he resigned. On February 9,1861 at the Constitutional Conventional in Montgomery, Alabama he was voted to become President of the Confederate States.Civil War- Davis wished that the North woild let the SOuth sucede in peace but obviously this didnt happen. Lincoln did not turn over Fort Sumter to the Confederacy so Davis authorized the Confederate army to attack and this started the Civil War. He appointed his army from West Point Academy where he attended. This is where he appointed Robert E Lee. Davis gathered his forces after Robert E Lee surrendered at Appomattox but the South was worn out and done fighting. Davis was captured in Georgia on May 10,1865 and went to prison for two years in Virginia.After War-After he was released from prison Davis traveled alot. At this point his occupation was owning his own incurance company and he also wrote a book called Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. He passed on December 6,1889.


5 Characteristics*Hardwiorking*Powerful Speeches*Strong Beliefs in States' Rights*Leadership Skills*Never gave up

June 3,1808- Jefferson is Born1821- Attends Transylvannia University1829: Jefferson goes on his first assignment on the cedar river banksJune 17, 1835: He marries Sarah Knox Taylor.1856- He resigns from his House seatMarch 7,1853- appointed as Secretary of WarFebruary 9, 1861: Becomes the first president of the Confederate states of America. November 6, 1861: Davis is elected the President of the Confederate States of America.June of 1862: Appointed General Robert E. Lee in the command of the army of Northern Virginia.May 10, 1865: Davis is captured after the Union’s win against the confederates.December 6, 1889: Jefferson Davis dies at 12:45 AM



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