Battle of Tannenberg

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Battle of Tannenberg

Battle of TannenbergAugust 26-31, 1914

Strength of Each Army

The Battle of Tannenberg occured from August 26-31 in 1914. It was the first major battle in World War I between German armies and Russian armies. It ended in a major victory for the Germans. Although Russia had strategic plans again Germany, it ended being known as one of the most complete German victories in World War I. Also, it marked the ending of Russia's invasion of East Prussia.

Who fought?Germany and RussiaWho won?Germany


Russian Casualties: 95,000 troops captured in action. 30,000 killed or wounded. only 10,000 able to escape

German Casualties: 20,000 troops killed or wounded.

This picture shows the German troops entering the city of Ortelsburg

This map shows the Battle of Tannenberg which took place in 1914 in Germany.

Russian Army: Although Russia did not have much advantage over the Germans even though they had a larger army. They planned to split their army into two and attack the Germans from two different directions Their great numbers gave them a tactical offense

German Army: The Germans of the East Prussian rail way. Their armies strength was significantly influenced by their strong, corageous leadership of Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff. The troops were well disciplined and were empowered enough to take on Russia's larger army

German Leadership

Paul von HindenburgGerman Commander

Erich Ludendorff German General

Russian Leadership

Hermann von Francois Russian General

Russian Prisonors after the Battle of Tannenburg

This breif video discusses the battle tactics of each side and summarizes this particular battle.


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