Battle of Tannenberg

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World War I

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Battle of Tannenberg

Battle of Tannenberg

When: August 26, 1914 Where: Eastern Front in Northeast Prussia, TannenbergWhy did this happen: The Battle of Tannenberg occured because of the encroachment of Russian troops into Germany. This was the starting point for a two-front battle in World War 1. Due to the Alliance of Russia and France Germany had to fight on both Fronts.

Significance/impact Importnatly the Germans not only defeated the Russians, at this battle, but it was a slaughter. This was the most significant victory for the Germans being that it was their first real victory which had repelled the Russians far back into Russia and it asserted the German's military expertise in World War 1. The location of Tannenberg provided natural cover for the Germans. Although this wasn't a turning point in the war it was a German attempt to turn the tides of war.

Who was the commanding General of the Russian Second army that killed himself after his defeat at Tannenberg?

Political: This victory gave Germany a huge advantage in the eatern front and this victory striked fear into the west.Economical: This battle put a strain on the Russian army with its huge losses of over 140,000 Russian deaths Social: For Germany this meant one of the greatest military victories in military history. It became prevelant that Germany was not ready to give up after the schlieffen plan was destroyed.

What happened Russians: they had numbers but poor commanding and comunication skills. Germans: Good commanding, skilled army, and natural protection from the forests and lakes, but had very little menRennenkempf invaded northern Prussia defeating Germans at Gumbinen and then paused to regroup with Samsonov. They couldn't communicate and their signals were picked up by Hoffman which modeled his plan to attack Smasonov's army in the south. Ludendorff was hesitant of sending Francois and paused the attack by a day, however, this proved useful because it allowed the russians to come frather into Germany making it easier to cut them off. This surprise attack on the Russians lasted for 3 days and created massive casualties. Eventually the Russians fled but most were dead after the underestimated German artillery.

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Germany: 8th army led by Francois and commanded by Ludendorff and Hiddenburg who had been following a plan proposed by Max Hoffman. Russia: Rennenkampf (controlled 1st army) and Samsonov (controlled 2nd army) didnt like each other. Russians had poor communication skills because they were deep in forests and lakes.

The Germans had a vengeful victory at the village of Tannenburg because in 1410 the poles defeated German knights there.


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