Battle of Stalingrad

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Battle of  Stalingrad

Battle of StalingradEthan FriesP.1February 2015

The Germans reached the outer limits of Stalingrad feeling confident they would bring absolute annihilation to the Russian city. Russia had two high ranking officials, one for defensive strategic measures, and the other for a clean-up offensive strategy. Most of the fighting took place in city streets accompanied by the smell of reeking dead bodies. The one goal the Germans could not achieve was driving the Soviets out of the industrial buildings near the Volga.

I chose the Battle of Stalingrad because I didn’t know much about the topic. Once I learned a little more, I became interested to find out the whole story. I was surprised that the Soviets could deny German reinforcements and then use Hitler’s tactics against him. I also learned even more about why Hitler was insane. He didn’t allow his troops the opportunity to retreat, which caused massive casualty loss, and provided the Allies the fuel to the fire that was about to burn through all of Europe.

Once the Russians were able to slow down the German force, they used Germany’s tactics against them. Stalin and Hitler needed Stalingrad for a few vital resources. First, the Volga River was located in the city. If the Volga River was in the Germans’ hands, they would use it to launch assaults on other Russian towns. Second, the Russians used Stalingrad for industrial needs and transporting whatever was necessary. Third, both leaders knew how vital capturing that city would be. Joseph Stalin needed to defend the city named after him, and Hitler needed to show how the Germans could take one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Russian city in the war.

The topic of Stalingrad is important today, because it marks a win for the Allies. Without the victory at Stalingrad, America and the rest of Europe may have never been able to win the war. Stalingrad was a learning experience for the world. Greed and selfishness have driven many leaders to go to extremes. Hitler needed to order a retreat but cost his country lives, equipment, and respect.

It began on a hostile July day in the year 1942. The Soviets were on the defensive to protect their home city of Stalingrad against the aggressive Germans. The battle at Stalingrad was one of the key turning points for the Allies in the war. If Germany was to capture Russia, they would have only one obstacle in their path to conquering Europe, Great Britain. Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest conflicts ever with almost two million casualties.

The fight was not going well for the Germans in mid-fall. They were losing everything imaginable and their leader, Hitler, would not allow them to retreat. When winter arrived, and zero German rescuers could reach the suffering troops, the Germans took a heavy blow. Von Paulus, the commander of the mission, surrendered to the Soviets. Almost 100,000 men were taken prisoner.


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