Battle of Stalingrad

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World War II

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Battle of Stalingrad

World War IIBattle of Stalingrad

World War II had several battles between many different countries. One of these was the Battle of Stalingrad. The Battle of Stalingrad is considered to be one of the most brutal and the largest battles in not only World War II, but in human history. On August 21, 1942, the battle began and lasted for a long 199 days. The information that will be discussed about the battle is how it started, how the conditions were for both the soldiers and the people who lived there, and who won. Stalingrad is in Southwest Russia on the Volga River. By this river, there is the city of Stalingrad. The battle began when the German air force bombed the Volga River and later the city itself. One of the people of the city described it as this. “Bombing started at ten in the morning and we saw a large number of planes flying over. The planes were dropping bombs into the center of the city. Everything was ablaze. There was noise and screaming” (Valentina Krutva, “The Battle of Stalingrad”). Since the city was bombed, the soldiers had to fight on the rubble of the city, which was not easy. During the war, it was winter so the weather conditions were horrible, and the soldiers had no chose but to work through it. The civilians had to survive through it as well. The people of the city had to survive the cold, the noise, and the conditions of war.In the end, the Russian army was victorious. In November, the Soviets gathered and made a counterattack on the Germans. They surrounded them and trapped them inside the city of Stalingrad. Finally, the German army surrendered after several losses and because they were low on supplies. Adolf Hitler was furious at Friedrich Paulus, the commander of the German Army, for surrendering. On the other hand, Georgy Zhukov, commander of the Russian Army, was one of the most decorated generals in the history of the Soviets. They took an ambitious action, and their plan was successful. Even though the Russian army was successful, both armies lost many people. The Soviets had 478,741 people killed and 650,878 wounded. There were also 40,000 civilians killed on their side. The Axis had 650,000 to 750,000 people killed and wounded. Ninety one thousand people were captured and only 6,000 of them survived to return home to Germany. This event in history was tragic and many people were lost. However, it was in the past, and hopefully there will be peace in the future.

Sydney DeStefano

Soldiers had to battle on the rubble of the city, which made it difficult to fight.

The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the deadliest battles in history. In this picture ithe Germany army in advanced on the Russians in Stalingrad.

Planes were used to get the high ground and spot people form above. They also were used to bomb the city.

One of the most dangerous weapons is the tank. Throughout the war weapon got more and more dangerous.

The people in this photo are fighting in the rubble of the city. They are defending their positions at the Soviet infantry.

The Germans had to travel far to get to Stalingrad. They had to constently be on guard.

"Two soldiers popped in yesterday, for a drink, so we asked them, ‘Will it all end soon?’ They said they didn’t know – no other city has stood up to it as long as Stalingrad. Today, it’s 30 days since the bombardment began. Thirty days since we hid in this crack." Serafima Voronina, Stalingrad resident, September 21

"For Germany, the battle of Stalingrad was the biggest defeat in its history; for Russia, it became its greatest victory. Russia gained the right to be called a great European power near Poltava [in 1709], while Stalingrad was the beginning of its transformation into one of the two greatest world powers." Hermann Doerr, German General, post-war memoirs

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