Battle of Somme

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Social Studies
World War I

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Battle of Somme

World War One

Time Line

July 1, 1916

November 18, 1916

Winners and LosersActually there was not a clear winner in this battle. The British and French gained about 5 miles of ground and was stalled due to snow and inclement weather. officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

The First DayDue to the poor tactical planning and failure to achieve the element of surprise, British forces suffered 60,000 caualties - over 20,000 dead, the largest single day loss in British history. The Germans suffered 185 casualties. Heavy rains slowed the attack, leaving the field a sea of thick mud and water. Many soldiers drowned under the weight of their 70lb pack. Subsequent attacks also floundered due to poor conditions.

Modern TechnologyOn September 15, the tank was introduced to the battlefield. Engineered by the British, it was originally called a landship. 32 tanks made there way into the Battle of Somme with mixed results. Many broke down and only a few managed to penetrate German lines.

German vs. British & French ForcesBritish and French forces plan an attack on the Germans fighting around Somme. However, they did little to conceal the attack and preparation gave Germans clear warning. The Germans had over a week to reinforce thier postions around Somme. When the British began bombing, the Germans hid underground, suffering few casualties. When the ground attack began, the Germans resumed their positions.

Battle of Somme

Casualty CountIn a battle that lasted 5 months, 400,000 lives of the British Empire were lost. The French suffered a loss of 200,000 and Germany 400,000."Idealism perished at the Battle of Somme. The enthusiastic volunteers were enthusiatic no longer" - AJP Taylor First World War (1963)

Battle of Somme begins

End of the Battle

September 15, 1916

First time a tank is used in battle


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