[2015] Alex Barteau (Schweiss Block 2): Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing

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[2015] Alex Barteau (Schweiss Block 2): Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing

Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing

Map of Battle

Date: April 6-7, 1862

Location:Hardin County, Tenessee

Result: Union Victory

The Battle started around 6a.m Sunday April 6th, 1862. The Confederate forces under Albert Sidney Johnston seized the initiative and attacked the unprepared Union army at Shiloh Church. The Union army retreated towards Pittsburg Landing where the Union forces formed a defensive line. As the Confederate soldiers attacked "Hornet's Nest", which was the center of the Union line, they were repulsed by Union defenders. General Johnston was killed in the attack against the Union line. After several hours of fighting the Confederate army withdrew to make camp. On the morning of April 7th, the Union army under General Grant, counterattacked the Confederates and pushed them back up to the Shiloh Church where Confederate General Beauregard ordered a full retreat of Confederate soldiers ending the battle of Shiloh and Pittsburg Landing.


The Battle

The Battle of Shiloh was the costliest battle up to that time. The battle resulted in raised public opinions about General Sherman and Buell. This Union victory allowed the two Union armies to meet, defeating the Confederate plan to keep these two armies seperated.

Edgar Pearce: Firsthand account of the battle of Shiloh Edgar Pearce writes in a letter to his lover back home, of his experience in the aftermath of the battle of Shiloh. He explains how he admired Beauregard as a military man and describes the smell and sight of the bloated and torn apart dead in the surrounding battlefield around Shiloh and Pittsburg Landing.http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/disp_textbook.cfm?smtID=3&psid=403

Henry Morton Stanley: A Confederate Soldier at ShilohHenry Morton explains his and his fellow soldiers’ attempts to ease the tensions around them before the battle ensues. Henry then describes the Confederates’ beginning engagement to start the battle on April 6th. He goes on to describe the fear he feels as he compares the sounds of the battle and the dying and wounding of his comrades. He describes his wish for a quick repose so he can get away from all these horrors. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/primary-resources/grant-stanley/

Ulysses S. Grant's recollection of the battle of Shiloh:General Grant in this memoir, describes the events leading up to the Battle of Shiloh and his thoughts on his campaign in the west. Grant goes on to describe his involment in the battle and his organizing of the Union defensive line that pushed back the Confederates.http://thomaslegion.net/battle_of_shiloh_general_grant.html

General Sherman's memoirs of the Battle of ShilohIn Sherman's memoirs and letters about the battle. He recollects about his manuvering of his soldiers and his interactions with his fellow officers and his soldiers.http://www.sonofthesouth.net/union-generals/sherman/memoirs/general-sherman-battle-shiloh.htm

Cyrus Boyd: A Union Soldier at ShilohIn this exert from the diary of Cyrus F. Boyd, Boyd describes his arrival to the battle of Shiloh. As he arrives he sees the masses of dead and wounded along the field of battle and describes his sense of joy after battling how General Grant announced the arrival of Buell’s army. In his recollection of the battle he describes this “battle as the valley of shadow and death”.http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/primary-resources/grant-boyd/

Elisha Stockwell Jr.: Sees the Civil War This passage from Elisha's book describes his first encounter in the battle of Shiloh. He tells of his fear with having to just lay there and his anger against the Confederates as he charged them.http://civilwartalk.com/threads/the-battle-of-shiloh-as-seen-by-a-15-year-old-boy.89900/


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