Battle of Saratoga

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Battle of Saratoga

Battle(s) of Saratoga

The Second Battle



Killed: 440 killed695 wounded6,222 captured

Strenght: 7,200 (first battle)6,600 (second battle)

Strenght: 9,000 (first battle)Over 12,000 (second battle)Over 15,000 (at time of surrender)

Killed: 90 killed240 wounded

Kingdom of Great Britian and Hired German Mercanaries

United States Military/Milita


Horaito Gates

The Battle of Saratoga was actually two consecutive battles at the same location, Saratoga New York. Before the battles John Burgoyne used his Native American Allies to guide him through the Hudson River south wards. Burgoyne advanced into Saratoga to meet Horiato Gates's forces. Gates ordered a defensive line with a right flank and an elevated left. Gate lead the Right flank, Benedict Arnold lead the left. Due to the strategic value of the left flank Burgoyne proceeded to attack the left flank head on with three columns of troops. Aronlold sent out reconassice forces under Daviel Morgan command. Morgan set up sharpshooter locations where the forward most column of troops was marching. Morgan sharshooters then took out virually all British Officers, caused great confusion, and even caused the confused British soilders to fire upon themselves by mistake. Even with Morgan's forces Burgoyne forces finally met Gates defensive flanks. The Americans outnumbered left flank was pushed back and the Right barely held on, mostly due to night falling. At the end Americans suffered 300 causuties/wounded while Burgoyne lost 600 troops and moral.

The First Battle

Burgoyne agaist his adicers decided to hold and prepare for another attack agaist the American left flank. This took a couple weeks to prepare and on October 7 the second battle begun. The Americans now outnumbered the British with 8,000 troops to the British 5,000 (More were in reserves on both sides). On the Right flank the British fired upon the American Defenses but was ineffective due to terrian. Americns waited for the British to come closer till firing and when the British line charged, the American lines fired. The charge failed and the British were in rout, retreating. The left did not fair much better for the British either. Morgan men were able to pick at and surprise British troops and prevent British forces movement westward twords the Left flank. The General of the force, Generarl Fraser was mortally wounded marking the end of the advancing British. Benedict Arnold (Most likely intoxicated) agaist command lead an AMericn charge twords the routed British troops. Destroying the German mercenary forces and putting a final nail in Burgoyne's coffin.

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John Burgoyne

After Math and Significant

The Battle of Saratoga could be considered as important as any Founding Father's contributions. The Battle of Saratoga brought a huge moral boost to the American cause. the death of offiers brought leadership and moral problems to the forces in British Canadia helping secure the Colonies border with British Canada. Also the legacy of Benedict Arnold and some histroians beleive could have started Arnolds eventual treason with American. However, the most important thing the baattle brought was a Franco-American Alliance. Diplomates in France use this battle to prove the French that America had a formitable fighting force.


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