Battle of San Jacinto, (Assignment), History

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Battle of San Jacinto, (Assignment), History

3. Who were some of the key figures? Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Martin Perfecto de Cos, Lorenzo de Zavala, Edward Burleson, Sam Houston, Juan Seguin, Jose Urrea, Juan Almonte, Sidney Sherman, Erastus "Deaf" Smith, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Henry Millard, Thomas J. Rusk, & David G. Burnet.5. Why is this battle significant? Texas finally conquered Mexico and made Santa Anna surrender. The birthplace of Texas Liberty.Watch the video for a better explanation!

Battle of San Jacinto

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1) Battle that preceded? Goliad Massacre 2) What date did the battle start? April 20, 1836 End? April 21, 18364) Where did the battle take place? Arrived at the junction of san Jacito River and Buffalo Bayou.

Map of the Battle Grounds

Santa Anna

whats left of the Alamo

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