Battle of San Antonio

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Battle of San Antonio

General Martin Perfecto de Cos

Battle of San Antonio

The battle ground of the grass fight.

Battle of the conceptionIn the last offensive ordered by General Cos during Texan force camped near mission conception. The Texans ruplused attacks with what historian Alywyn Barr described as "able leadership, a strong position, and greater firepower.

Grass fightTetxans attack a large Mexican army pack called Train. 4 Texans wounded and 17 Mexicans casualties. Resulted in the capture of horses and hay.

The Final BattleThis was the battle that victory was upon us. We win by the vastly out numbered men served to impeded the progress of Santa Anna's Mexican army giving the Texans more time to prepare for the hard days ahead.

The battle of conception

Jim Bowie

The Important PeopleJim BowieJames FanninStephen F. AustinEdward BurlesonGeneral CosGeneral/President Santa Anna

DatesBattle of conceptionOctober 28 1835Grass fight November 28 1835

Led toThe Battle of the Alamo

Preceding eventBattle of Gonzales and the battle of Goliad

The outcome of this is the constitution



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