Battle of Monmouth

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Battle of Monmouth


General George Washington

General Sir Henry Clinton

Initial dispositions and movements in the Battle of Monmouth

Engraving of Molly Pitcher Loading Cannon

The Battle of Monmouth was fought on June 28,1778 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Continental Army, controled by George Washington, attacked the British army as they left the Monmouth Court House. Washington appointed Major General Charles Lee with 5,000 men to harass the British army until Washington could bring the rest of the army from Valley Forge. Soon Lee encountered the rear guard of the British army, Lieutenant General Cornwalis. Rather than launch a coordinated attack, Lee gave his troops random orders and an unorganized strategy. After hours of aimlessly fighting, Lee gave up and ordered his troops to retreat. As soon as Washington saw the cowardice soldiers heading toward his way, he demanded to know what had happenened. Unable to give a satisfied answer, Washington sworn with raged. Washington, himself, decided to command the remainding troops and the main army from Valley Forge. The British withdrew from the fight and headed for New York. Some historians depicted this battle as a draw, but most interpreted this battle as a long-term victory for the American colonists. Source:

Battle of Monmouth


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