[2015] Kira Mortensen (Social Studies Period 1): Battle of Long Island

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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] Kira Mortensen (Social Studies Period 1): Battle of Long Island

George Washington

William Howe



Irael Putnam

United States



Charles Cornwallis

The American plan was to block the way to Brooklyn Heights from the British. The Americans only guarded 3 of the 4 passes to the Heights because the 4th, Jamaica Pass, wasn't commonly known. The British were informed of this pass and planned to move through the pass as the Americans were distracted by British attacks at the front. Attacks on the front were successful for the British and they moved up the central path along with the Jamaica Pass, and they attacked the Americans from both sides. The Americans held on to Brooklyn at first, but were forced to retreat in the night as British continued to advance, resulting in defeat for the Americans.

Strength: 10,000 menCasualities:-300 killed-700 wounded-1,000 captured

Strength: 20,000 menCasualities:-64 killed-293 wounded

Kings County, Long Island, New YorkAugust 27, 1776

Battle of Long Island


Interesting Facts- This was the 1st battle after the signing of the Declaration of Independence-About 9,000 of the British troops were German mercenaries called Hessians


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