Battle of Little Bighorn

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Battle of Little Bighorn

Battle of Little Bighorn

George A. CusterBorn: 12/5/1839 in New Rumley OhioDied: 6/25/1876 (age 36) Little Bighorn Montana years of service: 1861-1876 (15 years) lieutenant colonel of the 7th cavalry spouse: Elizabeth Bacon Custer Many said he was an ignorant and self-centered man

Lieutenant Colonel Custer

Marcus RenoBorn: 11/15/1834 Carrollton Illinois DIed: 3/30/1889 Washington D.C (54)Years of Service: 1857-1880 (23 years) Brigadier General of the !st cavalry

Frederick BenteenBorn: 9/24/1834 Petersburg Virginia Died: 6/22/1898 (age 63) Atlanta Gergia Years of Service: 1861-1888 (27 years) Captainof the battilion of the 7th Cavalry

Captain Benteen

Major Reno

Sitting Bull Born 1831 Grand River Dakota Territory Died: 12/15/1890 (age 58-59) Standing Rock Indian Reservation Originally named Jumping Badger untill he turned 14 Spouses: Light Hair, Four Robes, Snow on Her, Scarlet Woman, Seen by Her Nation.

Chief Sitting Bull

White BullBorn: April 1849 Black Hills Died: 6/21/1947 (age 98) South DakotaOriginally named Bull Standing With Cow Nephew of Sitting BullRumored he killed Lietenant Colonel Custer

White Bull

Crazy HorseBorn: 1840-1845Died: 9/5/1877 (age 32-37) Fort Robinson Nebraska Spouses: Black Buffalo Woman, Black Shawl, LavarieOriginally named Cha-O-Ha (among the trees)Rode closest to soldiers during the battle of little bighorn and wasn't wounded.

Chief Crazy Horse

On June 25 1876 the northern tribes, Cheyenne, the Sioux and the Arapaho, refused to leave their tribal land in the Black Hills and war broke out. Colonel Custer waited at the mouth of the little bighorn river when he saw chief sitting bull and grew impatient. He attacked from three sides with Major Reno, and Captain Benteen. Reno and Benteen immediatley retreated, overwhelmed by the massive amount of Native Americans. Custer ordered his men to kill their horses and hide behind the bodies. Crazy Horse led an attack thats took under an hour for the arrows to kill all the troops, including Custer. Though they lost this battle when reinforcements arrived two days later the Native Americans fled to reservations.

Battle vs MassacreI believe the Batlle of Little Big Horn was a massacre because the soldiers were violently slaughtered by the unfair amount of men on the Native Americans side.


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