Battle of kings mountain

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Battle of kings mountain

Battle Occured here

The Loyalist Militia fought the

American Militia when the British told them to surrender while recruiting.

Major Ferguson led theLoyalist Militia, and John Sevier and William Cambell co-led the Patriot Militia.





Leaders of the Battle

The Loyalists suffered 290 killed, 163 wounded, and 668 taken prisoner. The Patriot militias suffered 29 killed and 58 wounded. The battle lasted 65 minutes and occered on october 7th 1780. The patriots had to think fast and move quickly, but they still managed to win the battle.

Battle Statistics

Battle of Kings Mountain

The Battle was located in Blacksburg South Carolina, close to the border with North Carolina.

Battle Signifigance

This battle was signifigant because it decided who held the critical city of Charlotte and the nearby area. It weakened cornwallis's force, which was one of the main bodies of the british/loyalist army.

Wacky QuoteAs the screaming Patriots charged up the hill, Captain DePeyster turned to Ferguson and said, "These things are ominous — these are the damned yelling boys!".

Ironic Although victorious, the Patriots had to retreat quickly from the area for fear of Cornwallis' advance.

Extreme numbersThe Battle of Kings Mountain lasted 65 minutes.

Epic failAs the Patriot army dispersed, all but 130 Loyalist prisoners escaped over the next few days.


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