Battle of Gettysburg - Generals

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Battle of Gettysburg -  Generals

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Generals of the Battle of Gettysburg





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The South wanted to keep their slaves and form their own country. Some Confederate states were Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, North and South Carolina, and more.

The North wanted to end slavery and keep the country together. Some states in the Union were Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio, Illinois, Oregon, California and many more.

Meade was General in cheif of the Union army. He was in the Second Seminole war and the Mexican-American war. He was born in Cadiz, Spain.

Lee led the Confederate forces. He had graduated from West Point as the second in his class. Lee joined the south out of loyalty to his home state, even though he thought their causes were wrong.

General Buford was a Union commander. He was born in Kentucky and was raised in Illinois. He had many reasons to join the south, but chose the North.

General Doubleday was a replacement for General Reynolds, who had died at Gettysburg. Doubleday was friends with General Archer (South), and was later falsly credited with inventing baseball.

James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart was a Confederate. Stuart had graduated from West Point. His family was divided by the war, with some on both sides.

Casualties at Gettysburg compared to other battles

Henry Heth was a Confederate general. He was born in Virginia and graduated from the United States Military Academy.


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