Battle of Gallipoli

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World War II

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Battle of Gallipoli

The Battle of Gallipoli was a failed attempt during World War 1. The Turkish army lost 300,000 men and the Allies lost 214,000 men. The plan failed due to poor planning, shortment of equipment, and bad leadership.


Britain planned to take over Constantinople. After taking over Constantinople, they planned to partner up with the Russians. After partnering up with Russia, they would then kick Turkey out of the war.

The battle started when the Russians were being threatened by the Turkish people living in the Caucasus (land bordering Europe and Asia). Then the British planned to take over the Gallipoli Peninsula. Constantinople was their target.


Battle of Gallipoli



Many of the fighters died not by fighting but due to the horrible conditions they were in. There were many diseases that were being spread. Also, the weather conditions were very bad.

In February, 1915 the British and French tried to attack the Dardanelles Straits by ship. It took them three months to get to land, they arrived on April 25. This gave the Turkish time to grow a bigger army(six times larger).


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