Battle of Galicia

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World War I

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Battle of Galicia

The Battle of Galicia was a major battle between Russia and Austria-Hungary during the early stages of World War I in 1914. In the course of the battle, the Austro-Hungarian armies were severely defeated and forced out of Galicia, while the Russians captured Lemberg and, for approximately nine months, ruled Eastern Galicia.

Battle of Galicia

When war with Russia became apparent in the beginning of August, the Austro-Hungarian chief of staff Conrad von Hotzendorf decided to launch an offensive into Russian Poland with his northern armies. As the Russian army would be able to mobilize force greatly superior in number to that of the Central Powers in the East, von Hotzendorf saw his only chance in an early victory. He also hope that Germany would join his offensive into Poland, but that hope was frustrated by the fact that Germany only deployed few troops in East Prussia ordered entirely on the defence. Then the armies start their advance into Poland without definite German support. Meanwhile, Nikolai Ivanov, the Russian commander of the Southwest Front, was expecting an Austro-Hungarian offensive from Lemberg in eastern direction. This was to be met by a Russian offensive into eastern Galicia with the Russian 3rd and 8th armies.


The outcome of this Battle The battle severely damaged the Austro-Hungarian Army, destroyed a large portion of its trained officers, and crippled Austria. Though the Russians had been utterly crushed at the Battle of Tannenberg, their victory at Lemberg prevented that defeat from fully taking its toll on Russian public opinion.


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