Battle of Fort Donelson

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Battle of Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson

What Happened?

Union Leadership

Confederate Leadership


The commander in the Union are Ulysses S. Grant. The other commander is Andrew Hull Foote. General Grant was leading the Union army. He was very successful in the battle of Fort Donelson.The battle was located in Tennessee.He has won other battles just like Fort Donelson.This was a big victory for Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.

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The Confederate commanders or generals are Gideon J. Pillow, John Buchanan Floydand Simon B. Buckner.There is a another general. His name is Bushrod Johnson.The general in the Confederacy is John B. Floyd. He’s in the Confederacy. In May of 1861,he was employed to the Confederacy. He was removed by President Jefferson Davis because he fled before the surrender with his some of his soldiers.

The location is in the Stewart County.The battle is in Tennessee.The date started and ended on February 11-16,1862. Gen.Grant was very determined to move quickly on the larger field of Fort Donelson. But some very poor winter conditions and the conditions delayed his arrival for Fort Donelson.The Confederate general, Albert Sidney Johnston allowed a garrison at Fort Donelson and had sent new commanders on the sites. On February 14th of 1862. Foote’s ships deluged Fort Donelson. Many of the ships were badly damaged and so has Foote. General Grant extended a big siege on the Confederacy and the Confederacy made a big plan to try to make a path to try to escape from the Union.Gen. Lew Wallace and McClernand were ordered to attack the Confederate works that were opposite of Charlie Smith’s division.Throughout the night, of February 15th,1862, the Confederate leaders choose to discuss their choice on what they wanted to do to attack the Union.The plan was to strike or surrender the Union at Fort Donelson.The Union were surprised to see white flags from above the Confederate barricades. Brig. Gen. Simon B. Buckner, now who left in command, was disappointed to hear Grant’s response of the surrender for the Confederate.The Union has won the battle of Fort Donelson.The result of losing the war to the Union was that one of the generals were hidden by a tree and instead of leading his army of soldiers.The total of the soldiers on both sides of the war was about 40,702.The total of the Union soldiers were 24,531 and the total of the Confederate soldiers were 16,171.The battle took about 5 days.





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