battle of bunker hill fort ticonderoga invading canada

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battle of bunker hill fort ticonderoga invading canada

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Battle Of Bunker Hill Fort Ticonderoga & Invading Canada

June 16 ,1775In Charles Town and Boston The British was lead by William HoweThe americans were lead by Israel Putnam Americans were low on ammuntion They waited until the British were only 150 feet awayThey then fired and hundreds of british soliders were killed. The 1st and 2rd British attacks didnt work but the 3rd did just because the americans were out of ammoWhen the battle was over 1000 british were killed and only 400 americans were killed The Result Proved that they could figth the British, It started to lift the sprits of the colonist. But after Bunker hill King George III was confident that he could soon restore order in the colonies.Go to this link for a Primary Source

May 10, 1775On Lake Champlain in New YorkThe Americans were lead by Ethan Allen The fort stood at the southern end of Lake Champlain Followers of Ethan Allen came from Green Mountain His troops of 83 men reached the fort early morning The Americans susprised them Only 42 men were gurding the fort They surendered immediatly This was a very important victory because it controoled the main route to Canada it also held valuable weapons espcially cannons. That helped them in The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Battle of Bunker Hill

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Invading Canada

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December, 1775 In Quebec The Americans were lead by Richard Montgomery & Bendict ArnoldThe Americans had trouble getting through Maine Had to boil, candles, shoe leather, and bark for food.The Americans attacked Quebec during a severe snow storm.The attack turned backRichard Montgomery was killed in the battle Arnold was wounded The Americans stayed outside Quebec until May 1776Weekened by dieseses and hunger they left.The Americans coulld not capture Canada and had lost a general and had may dieseased and hungry people.

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