Battle of Bullrun

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Battle of Bullrun


Thomas Jackson

During the Battle Of Bullrun, the confederate army started to retreat or pull back, but General Thomas Jackson held his ground. He gained his name as Stonewall Jackson and led the confederate to a victory.

A Video on the Battle

Grace, Sheridan, and Kayla!

Battle Of Bullrun

July 21, 1861

The Battle Of Bullrun was the first major battle of the Civil War. This battle was also called the Battle of Manassas because the battle took place near a town of Manassas Junction, Virginia. Both the North and the South arrived at the battle field with nearly 30,000 soliders untrained. There was also a second battle.

Confederate Victory

In the beginning, it seemed as if the Union army was going to win. The confederate army was retreating but Thmoas Jackson, a general from Virginia, stopped the retreat. The confederates then turned and attacked the Union army, winning the first major battle of the Civil War. Defeat really shocked the Union, the South was a lot more powerful than the Northerens expected.


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