Battle of Britain

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World War II

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Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain Newsreels

Hitler wanted to gain air superiority over Southern Britain and the English Channel. His plan was to destroy the British air force and aircraft industry. When Germany attacked, they were suprised at the quick reaction of the British Royal Airforce. The British were much more prepared to fight a battle completely in the air. Also, since the battle was fought above Britain, any English pilots that crash-landed or parachuted out could return to battle. this gave an adventage to the British because they had more men. Once Hitler realized he was losing too many planes and men, he decided to postpone the invasion and continue with indiscriminate bombing (including London, Plymouth, and Coventry).

Battle of Britain

TimelineJuly 1st-August 12th, 1940: *German Luftwaffe focus on maintaining shipping lanes on North Sea August 12th, 1940: *1st attacks on Royal Airforce radarsJuly 16, 1940: *Hitler delivers Fuhrer Directive 17 as Operation Sea Lion (invasion of England to be in August)August 13th, 1940: *4 day bombarment of key British installations *Portland, Andover, and Southampton are bombed *40 Luftwaffe aircrafts destroyed *74 Luftwaffe aircraft launched from Denmark are lost ("Black Thursday") August 19th, 1940: *Hermann Goering orders soldiers to tempt RAF forces to fight in the air instead of bombing while on ground August 19th-24th: *weather limits German bombingAugust 24th-31st: *RAF lost 200 fighters and Luftwaffer lost 330 fightersSeptember 3rd, 1940: *Hitler postpones invasion of EnglandSeptember 7th, 1940: *Bombing of London *348 bombers and 617 fighters descend to London on a massive bombing raidSeptember 15th, 1940: *"Battle of Britain Day" *massive bomb raids against Britain but English fight backSeptember 16th, 1940: *bombing campaign focuses to night-bombing British citiesSeptember 17th, 1940: *Hitler officiallyl postpones invasion after seeing the great German loss

Aircrafts UsedGermnay: *Messerschmitt Bf109 & Bf110 Favored bombers: Dornier 17, the Junkers Ju88, the Heinkel 111, and the Junkers Ju87Britain:*Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire fighters

Hermann Goering

Hugh Dowding

Key Leaders in BattleGermany: *Hermann Goering- Head of Luftwaffe *General Adolf Galland- Commander of Luftwaffe Fighter Arm *Feldmarschall Hugo Sperle- Commander of Luftwaffe Britain: *Sir Hugh Dowding- Air Chief Marshal *Keith Park- Air Vice Marshal *Trafford Leigh-Mallory- Air Vice Marshal

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