Battle of Atlanta

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Battle of Atlanta

Total War

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Gen. William T Sherman was an extraordinary man. Gen. Sherman was an author, businessman, educator and Union General. in 1862 and 1863 Sherman served Gen. Ulysses S. Grant during the events of the fall of vicksburg. In 1864 Gen. Sherman won the battle of Atlanta there contributing to the reelection of President Lincoln. Gen. Sherman was the first General to use total war the idea that when you win a war you destroy everything in your path. from 1869 to 1883 Gen. Sherman was the commanding general of the Army. Gen. William T Sherman was a revolutionary Man.


Gen. John Bell Hood was a brave general. Gen. Hood was a brave, aggressive and reckless general. Gen. Hood was promoted to lead larger but then was demoted due to his defeat at Atlanta. Hood went to the US Military Academy where he learned the ways of war. Later Gen. Hood was a junior officer for the US army. During the seven day wars he showed his braveness and was promoted to lead a division. At the battle of Gettysburg he was severely injured making his left arm useless. While fighting the battle of Chickamauga he was injured again and his right leg was also now useless. Gen. Hood gave his arm and leg in war.

confedrate leaders

Gen. Willium T Shureman


battle map

Gen. John Bell Hood


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The battle of Atlanta has interesting roots. After the battle of peach tree Gen. John bell Hood Decided that he needed to attack Fulton County Georgia. On July 22 1864 he lead the Army of Tennessee to war. underestimating the time needed to hike 15 miles Gen. Hood was not able to attack until Afternoon. At 4:00 PM the Confederates broke in and were greeted with great resistance from a counter strike. The Counter Strike was led by Gen. William T Sherman and the Military Division of Mississippi. The counter strike was successful winning the Union the battle with Union casualties at 3,641 and confederate at 8,499 altogether 12,140 men died at the battle of Atlanta. The battle of Atlanta was a interesting story.

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