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History of Batman

I chose this because when I had no other ideas and when I saw the Spiderman article in the magazine I thought I'd do mine on my my favorite super hero, Batman

Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writerBill Finger. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27. Batman hasother names such as TheCaped Crusader, The DarkKnight, and The World'sGreatest Detctive.


Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne. After seeing his parents die he swore revenge on criminals, an oath tempered with a sense of justice.

Here's a look at Batman through the years

After Batman was created, he was a huge hit. Later on after appearing in Detective Comics, he got his own comic titled Batman. Later in the 1960's there was a show titled Batman and since then, there has been many movies about Batman. One movie that is coming out about Batman is Batman vs. Superman.

Bob Kane went on to be known as Batman's creator. He would write "Created By Bob Kane" on the comic books because that's what evryone did in the 70's. Bill Finger wasn't mentioned at all in the books. Later Bill Finger was known as Batman's co-creator and not known as Batman's writer.

This a picture of what the comic book cover that Batman first appeared in looked like.

Batman's sidekick didn't appear until Detective Comics #32. Sales doubled after that.

There is some science behind Batman. More stories of Batman became science-fiction. In one story he fights space aliens.


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