BAT: Wind Turbine

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BAT: Wind Turbine

The main idea for the BAT is that it will provide a secure source of energy for one billion people living in remote areas for quite a few reasons:1.) Inexpensive infrastructure.2.) Since it is computer controlled it requires few operators.3.) They are portable; easy to move.Other advantages:1.) Provides a clean source of renewable energy.2.) Able to gather more energy than regular wind turbines since it can use winds from higher altitudes.3. Less human and animal impact compared to regular wind turbines.

The BAT integrates 4 main components:1.)The shell is made of a gas-tight and durable fabric that when inflated with helium, can align into changing winds. The shell uses an aerodynamic and buoyant lift to keep it strong in winds.2.) The turbine makes up the lightweight, three blade, horizontal axix inside the shell.3.) The tethers connect the shell to the turbine. The tethers are used to adjust the altitude of the turbine to keep it at optimal height for the most energy. The tethers are controlled via remote control.4.) The ground station is built on a trailer platform that is used to launch and land the machine. Holds the remote controlled systems that controls the BAT.

BAT: Wind Turbines

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