Bat Flight

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Bat Flight

Did you know bats fly with their hands? "Hand Wings!" Oct.30/2013

Bats are the only mammals capable of maintaining flight, while others can glide.

A bat wing resembles a human arm and hand. It has 2 thin layers of skin that attach the "hand" to the body, also connecting the fingers.Those skin layers may be thin, but they sure are strong! Bats also have small bodies and aerofoil shaped wings.

Bat flight!

Bats have flexible and many jointed wings. They can change the angle of the wing, the tilt of the wing, and the shape of the wing.They can almost control how much thrust and lift they get from each flap of their wings.

Bat's have more lift,less drag, and greater maneuverability than birds.

Bats fly like their doing the butterfly stroke ( in swimming), pulling them forwards.When air passes over their wings, it speeds up and becomes an area of low pressure.The high pressure under the bat pushes the bat upwards,as it tries to get to the area of low pressure.

Thin wings are another adaption of flight for a bat.

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This is a bat diagram! Nov.1/2013

Wing membrane is flexible and strong, though it's thin! Nov.5/2013

See how the bat changes his wing tilt & angle?

Bat bones are not hollow, but are very lightweight.


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