Women Scientists

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Scientific Biographies

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Women Scientists


The writer Concha Méndez was born in Madrid 27 July in 1898. She was a spanish famous poet and dramatist member of “Generación del 27”. As a child, was educated in a French school and she studied music and art. She also was a gymnast and became a champion swimmer.During the Spanish Civil War, she lived in England, France and Belgium. At the end of the Civil War she went with her husband to exile in Paris. Then they travelled to Havana, Cuba, where she published a poetry collection called “El ciervo herido”.In 1944, they moved to Mexico and she divorced her husband.From 1944 to 1979 she ceased publication except for a poetry anthology in 1976. Her last book was “Vida o río” until she died on 7th December in 1986 at the age of 96.

After studying she started investigated alzheimer treatments. She focused her research on the microencapsulation of cells for therapeutic purposes in 2010.She lived passionately research, enjoyed and suffered working, because it was very demanding with what she did. But he never lost his smile and his companions as "had the ability to involve the work group, detected the hidden abilities of his teammates and was very skilled motivating them". Ainhoa Murua died in 2012, She died because she had cancer.

The world-famous scientific Ainhoa Murua Ugarte was born in Legazpi, The Basque Country, in 1979.She was a young woman investigator.Ainhoa graduated in biology and biochemistry from the university of Navarra.

Concha Méndez

Ainhoa Murua

Concha Méndez

Ainhoa Murua



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