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Basketball Liu

BasketballYuxuan LiuGrade 9

In 1972, the Olympic games was held in Munich. In the final, The American National basketball team got one more point than The Soviet Union Basketball team. The point was 50-49. But there was a judge who came from Hungary said there was one more second, the match should be continue. The Soviet Union Basketball team made a long shot, but it didn’t get in. However, a man who came from England said there was three more second, therefore The Soviet Union Basketball team got one more chance to shot and they made it. The final score is 50-51, The American National Basketball team missed their gold medal. This is very unfair!

Your paragraph here Gender DiscriminationMany studies from past centuries in countless different fields of research have shown that there are rampant increases of gender inequality in many fields. In the field of sports, this not something unheard of, but it has been a common trend in the past games and sports events. Several sociologists have been reported to claim that sport inequality has taken several dimensions such as gender, wealth and social class categories. These are said to have been brought about by cultural and economics differences which are the key players to discrimination in all sort of classification. (Wolff, 1994)Although many people despite sport and games, there is a major role played by both in bridging and alleviate the norm of community cultures that brings social discrimination leading to inequality. While focusing on my favorite hobby basketball, I am first and foremost thrilled to give brief details of its history. Basketball is a sport that started at about two centuries ago. It begun in early December in the year 1891 by a famous man named James Naismith. This was at a time when there was serious search for indoor games intended to keep students occupied. Furthermore, like any other sporting event, it was not only for the keeping of the student occupied but also for the maintenance of proper level of fitness during the winter season in New England. This followed after the search for proper game that was neither tough nor too poorly designed in door plays. During such early times, the event used peach baskets which were replaced in the early twentieth century by metal hoops with blackboards. The rules which the founders of the game wrote were found in the year 2006 and were basically invented from children’s game named duck and rock.

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Unfair JudgementBy: Yuxuan Liu



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