6 Basic Principles of the Constitution

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6 Basic Principles of the Constitution

The body of the Constitution is made up of seven articles that lay out the basic rules of the Federal Government. The document also lays out the ways in which the Federal Government is organized, how the leaders are selected, and many procedures the leaders must follow.

6 Basic Principles of the Constitution

1.Popular Sovereignty means the people give the government its power.2.Limited Governmentmeans that government only has those powers that the people give it.3.Seperation of Powersrepresents the split among the judicial, legislative, and executive branches.4.Checks and Balancesare powers each branch has over the other two branches.5.Judicial Reviewestablishes that the courts have the power to determine if government actions violate the Constitution.6.Federalism means the powers of government are divided between the Federal Government and the States.

Articles of the ConstitutionPreamble states the purposeArticle 1 Creates the Legislative branchArticle 2 Creates the Executive branchArticle 3 Creates the Judicial branchArticle 4 Relations among StatesArticle 5 Amending the Constitution Article 6 National debts, supremacy of national law, and oaths of officeArticle 7 Ratifying the Constitution

Marbury v. Madison establishes judicial review


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